Do I have to file an accident report if I have a certain amount of damage?


Yes, but not necessarily a police report... NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law requires that you notify the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles if you are a driver involved in a motor vehicle accident where the property damage of any person exceeds $1000.

  • This requirement is for every driver involved in the accident.
  • The report must be submitted to the NYS DMV within 10 days or your license may be suspended.
  • A police report does not meet this requirement, so you must still complete your own MV-104 report.

The NYS DMV MV-104 form is available at your local DMV office or online at

IMPORTANT: Inuries, fatalities & damage to unattended property or domestic animals

  • If anyone is injured or killed, your must notify the police immediately.
  • If domestic animal is injured or there is damage to a person's unattended vehicle/property, you must notify the owner immediately or notify the police immediately if you cannot.

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